Food that travels the same path, as qawwali music

The Qavali brand is steeped in layers, each with a magnitude of its own. 

Every serving of food here, has travelled the same path as qawwali music – in one way or another. That means, it has travelled over the mountains of Turkey and Iran, the plains of Afghanistan; and alas, the dewy fields of India and Pakistan.

This likeness to qawwali music stems from our adoration of Sufi culture.

The Sufi way

The religious practice of qawwali music is now associated with Sufism, more than any other sect.

Sufis are followers of a mystical and ascetic school-of-thought; with tens of millions of them, harmoniously scattered across the world. They are also, commonly recognised as the ‘Whirling Dervishes’ – where their robed bodies lose themselves in music (and spiritual intoxication), as a means of finding the truth, and divine love.

At their core, Sufis are seekers of ecstatic experiences, where patience, love, and humility carve the way. We believe that the world is starved of such enlightenment. Which is why the sacred teachings of Sufism, are at the heart of our brand – and all that we do at Qavali.

One could say, that Qavali is the euphoric relief for hungry souls, as well as hungry appetites.

Artistic, spiritual, and culinary inspiration

Some of the world’s most famous poets, such as Rumi, were followers of Sufism. The reason why their writings stir emotions even today, is because they had dedicated their lives to ‘looking inwards’, rather than to the materialisms of the world.

There are numerous other artists (of past and present) who have interpreted the disciplines of Sufism, in their own creative ways. In fact, Sufism itself has produced a large body of inspiring work, in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Turkish, and Punjabi, from which the genre of qawwali music has emerged.
And so, we have honoured the same journey at Qavali. Be it the artistry of our food, the bespoke artwork on our restaurant walls, or the poetry that sits beneath each piece, every element of Qavali restaurant is a window to Sufi culture – and designed to romance all six of your senses.

A spiritual awakening like no other

It is indeed true, that no other hospitality establishment has followed this path of spiritual enlightenment, as devotedly as we have. What you will find at Qavali, is an experience that will stay with you, long after you have enjoyed your meal.

Come discover the truth for yourself. Here, you are welcome with open arms; and as ever – open hearts.